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Confluence 4.2 launched

What's New:

Faster. Richer. Simpler. A new standard in content collaboration. Take a brilliantly simple design, pack it full of rich editing features, make it lightning fast, and add a dash of social networking. Meet the future of content collaboration where new users are at ease and power users thrive.

Brilliantly Simple or Simply Brilliant

Built from the ground-up to meet the needs of every user, Confluence 4.0 breaks free from the restrictions of old-fashioned online editors. A new intuitive editing interface lets users create rich content with extraordinary speed and simplicity.

Intelligent and Fast

Taking full advantage of the power of the latest web technologies, Confluence 4.0 delivers innovative editing features, matched by no one, providing the fastest online editing experience ever.

Familiarly Social

Confluence 4.0 takes team collaboration to a new level with @mentions. Just like Twitter and Facebook, connecting users with content is quick, easy, and instant. You'll never be left out of another conversation again.

Share Content with @mentions

@mentions are a great way to notify other users about content and conversations they should be involved in. Best of all, they work just like Twitter and Facebook. When mentioned, users receive an email notification so they can jump right into Confluence and start contributing.

Autoformatting Magic

Type wiki markup and watch Confluence convert it to rich text, on the fly. Bold, italics, strikethrough, underline, headings, lists, emoticons, tables – it all works.

Intelligent Autocomplete

Three single keyboard shortcuts make it super quick to create links, embed images, media, documents, and insert powerful macros. Confluence puts rich content a couple of keystrokes away.

Simple Shortcuts

Whether you are just browsing, creating new, or editing existing content, Confluence has a shortcut to help you get the job done, fast.

Packed with Power

Confluence 4.0 puts more power in your hands. We've made working with macros and creating content rich pages incredible easy. Everyone can create and share beautifully rich pages, packed with dynamic content.

Friendly, Visual Macros

We've ditched the scary code and made working with macros more visual and intuitive. Just like images and links, click on a macro to make changes to its settings.

Paste, Re-size, and Link Images

Paste images straight into the editor from your clipboard – it's that simple. Click an image to quickly change its dimensions and link it to other content, within or outside Confluence.

Easy, Rich Table Editing

Insert new tables with drag-and-drop simplicity. Highlight and merge cells, rows, and columns. Add, remove, cut, and paste rows and columns.

Incredible Add-ons

Confluence 4.0 has been designed to allow for constant innovation and improvement. We've been working closely with our amazing partners to make sure they can take advantage of the power of the new editor. Add-ons like Gliffy and Ad hoc Workflows provide a more natural, richer, and intuitive experience in Confluence 4.0.

Gliffy for Rich Diagrams

Its time to forget about Visio – Gliffy allows you to communicate visually and collaborate with flow charts, wireframes, UML diagrams and more. Preview diagrams, start from templates or build from scratch, all within the new Confluence editor.

Scroll Wiki Forms for Structured Content

Haven't you always wanted to enforce standards in user generated content? Whether it be release notes, documentation, contracts, specifications, or knowledge base articles, Scroll Wiki Forms has you covered.

Tasks & Approvals with Ad hoc Workflows

Create and assign tasks as you edit Confluence pages. The latest version of Ad hoc Workflows makes content coordination elegant and natural, for everyone.

UI Mockups with Balsamiq

Need a quick way to produce mockups for your next big feature or website landing page? Look no further than Balsamiq. Create new mockups in seconds, preview them in the Confluence editor, and share them with your team for anyone to edit.

Number Headings, Any Way You Want

Do you author contracts, requirements, specifications, and technical docs in Confluence? Number your headings just the way you want - in any format, starting anywhere. In Confluence 4.0 there is no need to preview or save the page to see the results, the numbering is live!

Custom Designs with the Original Theme

Create customized designs and brand Confluence to match your corporate style with RefinedWiki's Original Theme. Organize your Spaces into categories and sub-categories, create custom dashboards, and more.

People, Event, and JIRA Calendars

Your single source of truth – managing team leave, tracking projects, and planning events – Team Calendars does it all. Embed calendars on any Confluence page, share with others, and subscribe in Outlook or iCal


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