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The Atlassian experts in India

Equest is the oldest partner of atlassian in India. We provide sales, support and Customization services. Our clients range from banks, stock exchanges, IT houses FMCG to Govt. organisations. We have sold and customized solutions to all these catagories. Our Eduwiki is popular in Education Institutions its based on Confluence.

Equest has a dedicated facility at Poona india dedicated to atlassian projects it has three offices across india i.e Mumbai, Poona and Bangalore it has a global presence wth office in Singapore and other in New jersey. The offices in new jersey and singapore provide sales and support for atlassian. Equest is currently developing a number of plugins for atlassian these are right now only avaiable for customers equest offers trainnig classes in India and on live streaming across the world we are eager to serve you. Let us know of your requirements and we will offer a good solution

  • Atlassian product services

    Every product has its own challenges of deployment. It generally begins with installation success which is key to next course of any action.

    Having seen simple installations failing due to various reasons we provide the service of installation support. Our team can do either local or remote installation and take the hassles out of your head. This saves in money and time as our experts are able to configure jira / confluence and other products, It helps that we are experts in Installshield as training and consultancy partner

    Help in architectural planning

    JIRA is a collaborative tool. It integrates with multiple softwarevendor’s solutions and many plugin, all this sounds magic but requires thorough planning and analysis. This is where we can come in. In addition to the above you may use ALM, waterfall or prototyping models or something similar. These require special attention. Our consultants work with your team, analyse your requirements and then plan the whole outlay.

    This includes people who want to migrate from one jira version to other.

    This helps in launch and deployment of jira solutions.

    Data migration

    Organisations having used different bug tracking tools have a requirement of migration of their existing data to jira. This is one important aspect of jira implementation and happens in many business cases.

    Almost always the tool being used is not known to jira and even if it has an integration data migration needs to be provided as a service. Equest has many years of experience of data migration. Over years we have migrated from different defect bug tracking tools to jira successfully. JIRA defect tracking or jira bug tracking benefits are enhanced once the data is included

    This is a service that requires analysis of parent schema and cycle and defining test conditions and then writing plugins for the same. All migrations go through multiple levels of testing and analysis


    For efficient and enhanced use of jira capabilities one needs to looks plugin development. Equest over years has written many plugins for customers. These are in the internal domain of equest and are available to only its customers. But the number of clients who have taken benefit of this service is very large.


    One of the issue with jira implementation is to identify if there any performace bottlenecks and That the proposed system is well tuned. It is no surprise with various integration points there will be tweaking required and sometimes some plugins needed. The data migration also plays an important role in identification of bottlenecks

    We provide the service of stress testing and load testing and give you proper results

    Overall equest does handholding of clients. A part of our training process is pilot project. This is done with the team in mind. The project takes you through various stages of jira development , work flow, customization, configuration, testing etc.


    Here is the list of all the topics of our training courses. Customers can tailor make their own course by picking up points. The whole course is of five days.

    Course Content

    JIRA Overview

    How JIRA is used and best practices

    JIRA Key Concepts
    • Issues, bugs what they are and their key components
    • Creating an Issues
    • Issue features, attributes
    • Issue different Types
    • Assigning Issues
    • Adding attachments
    • Status
    • Comments
    • Issue Security
    • Time tracking
    • Votes and Watches
    • Components
    • Versions
    • Where are my issues? Simple Searches and the dashboard
    • Users
    • Issue identification with user
    • Open issues with user
    JIRA Issue Management
    • JQL overview
    • Using JIRA for Reporting
    • Working with Workflows
    • Using and Creating Filters
    • Using and Creating Dashboards to manage your issues
    • Concepts
    • Managing your Projects
    • Defining a Project
    • Managing Project Role Membership
    • Groups and Roles
    • Defining a Component
    • Managing Versions
    • Projects and Schemes
    • Notification Schemes
    • Permission Schemes
    • Issue Security Schemes
    • Issue Type Schemes
    • Workflow Schemes
    • Archiving a Project
    • Changing the look and feel of JIRA configuration
    • Security Models
    • Managing Global Permissions
    • Email integration with JIRA
    • Managing your installation and upgrading JIRA
    • General administration (links, attachments, etc)
    • Integrating with a Source Control System, other tools
    • Explaination of plugins
    • Workflow core concepts
    • Why workflow? How workflows can improve business interactions
    • Example workflows for specific business processes
    • Design : How to design a workflow from scratch
    • Starting up : Building a simple workflow and creating a workflow scheme
    • Advanced workflow
    • creating custom fields
    • Custom fields and screens
    • Transitions, conditions and post functions
    • Potential Workflow problems and pitfalls
  • Case Study – Enterprise level JIRA deployment

    Case Study – Enterprise level JIRA deployment – 150K issues.

    One of our client a software development firm for financial – stock market solutions ( currently owned by a European stock exchange) had to migrate from a intrinsically developed Issue tracker which was struggling with performance issues.

    The challenge was the complex deployment needs coupled enormous data of ~150k issues.

    New features like ‘Move to Platform’ of issues in different projects to be tracked at product or technology layer.

    New ‘Release/ version management’ system which stores and displays Releases based on parent-child relationship in specific fields.

    Case Study - Jira SAP Implementation

    The customer is a Software services consulting company headquartered in Mumbai, India with an employee base of more then 160000 worldwide. JIRA Ver V 3.13.3 was being used along side for SAP for Bug Tracking and capturing Project data. Goal of JIRA configuration & customization was to bring in the advanced features of JIRA ,alongside being used as a sole Bug & Issue Management solution across the organization resulting in gradually discontinuing pumping data in & out of SAP.

    JIRA deployment - Bank

    One of the top banks in India were working on the revamping the core banking software along with the vendor and needed a dependable and highly flexible issue tracking and project management tool. The challenge was to adapt to the vendor development and internal testing team environment to maintain clear traceability and ownership between the bank and the vendor. We also implemented features like auto assignment and setting up disaster recovery system. Equest has helped the Bank set the system within a short turnaround time due to project starting constraints.

    Case study : project management for “ NON IT “ Environment

    Our client a leader in Flexible Packaging Solutions provider wanted to implement Atlassian Jira as an tracker to manage their day to day request for & between their Corporate , Sales & Warehouse in multiple locations for

    1.Finance & Procurement
    2. Updates & Change Request
    3. Implement business rules uniformly across all locations

    The main reason of the success of the solution was credited to the small learning curve required for the ‘not so tech savvy users’ who had struggled in the ERP environment previously.

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