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Sales Performance

Your business is different; your culture, your strategic intent and your customer engagement strategy all combine to shape your organisations sales processes and best practices. These will always differ due to what you sell and who you sell it to.

In the modern climate of business, with the increased need to achieve a competitive advantage in your market, one size can't truly fit all. Diamonds Sales Performance solution delivers all the things that you would expect from a Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution, but our solution offers the added agility and flexibility that is required to allow you to meet the unique characteristics of YOUR business.

You'll be surprised by the ease and speed of customisation within our solution. This flexibility will allow you to adapt to market conditions quicker than your competition, and the opportunity for continuous improvements will allow you to accelerate past them in the long term.

Software modules.

Contact Management

You can manage your Companies and Contacts from the Contact Management folder group in the folder list. When you select this item you will be shown your Contact Dashboard which is personal to you and can be customised through the Customise my Dashboard link in the header.

Employee Management

You can use this list to view the last 20 employees who have had their employee or user properties updated. Rightclicking on an employee in this list will display a menu, allowing you to perform various functions pertinent to the employee.

Order Management


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