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Product Information

EViews 7 Standard Edition

EViews 7 for Windows


Estimation, forecasting, statistical analysis, graphics, simulation, data management, all in a powerful, graphical object-oriented interface.

EViews 7 Enterprise Edition

EViews 7 Enterprise Edition for Windows


EViews 7 Enterprise Edition is an enhanced version of EViews that supports ODBC and proprietary data formats of several commercial data and database vendors.

EViews 6 Student Edition

EViews Student Version 6


EViews Student Version 6 is designed specifically for classroom settings where the full power of the Standard Edition is not required.

Sales of EViews Student Version are restricted to currently enrolled students and faculty.

*Note: the Student Version places “soft” capacity restrictions on the amount of data (1,500 observations per series, 15,000 total observations, 60 objects) that may be saved or exported. Students may, without restriction, work with larger amounts of data, but workfiles that exceed the soft limits may neither be saved nor the data exported.

EViews Illustrated

EViews Illustrated for EViews 7 by Richard Startz


EViews Illustrated is a primer on the workings of EViews.

Economics Databases

Economics Databases


Access thousands economic and financial time series from major data vendors…all in seconds from within EViews…



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