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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I activate or reset the activation on my product?

All products offered on the Infragistics Web site are now activation-free. However, activation is offered on older products should you need it. The activation of older products can be addressed by our Registration Department; please contact them directly with any further questions.

I have NetAdvantage with Subscription, I have not received the key required to download the newest version released. Would you be able to assist me in this matter?

As a Subscription customer, you are certainly entitled to product upgrades for the period of one year. This information should have been e-mailed to the address you provided in your member ID during registration. If you did not receive a new key to your ID please check:

  • Your member profile and registration history in My Infragistics to see if your new key is already listed.
  • Your previous product keys have been registered to your ID consecutively (if not, your key can be provided by our Sales Department).
  • Your subscription has not expired.
  • When purchased through a reseller, please make sure your product key was registered to your member ID on our Web site.

If you need further assistance, please e-mail the Sales Department or call +1 (800) 231-8588.

I seem to have lost my product key. Where can I go to find this information on your Web site?

Retrieval of product key information can be easily accomplished through the Registration Record feature on our Web site. Go to My IG > Keys & Downloads, and once you have logged in with your Member ID and password, you will be able to retrieve CD Keys at your leisure as well as easily register your Infragistics product. All registration information will be on file in this area for easy reference. If your key is not available please contact the Registrations Department for further assistance.

My NetAdvantage Subscription has expired. How can I renew it or upgrade to the latest version of NetAdvantage and reinstate my Subscription?

If your subscription has already expired, you do not qualify for the renewal pricing offered by Infragistics, however we will allow you to reinstate an expired subscription provided you reinstate your subscription before we release a new version. You would pay only the renewal price plus a late fee, and your subscription would be extended for one year from the date on which it expired. If we have already released a new version since your subscription had expired, then you may be eligible for a $100 returning customer discount off the current price of an annual subscription if you return within one year after your subscription expired or before becoming one year behind in volume releases (whichever occurs first). When you are more than one year behind in volume releases, you are no longer eligible for these discounts and you will need to purchase a new subscription. Please e-mail our Sales Department or call +1 (800) 231-8588.

My Subscription is due to expire soon. What is the standard renewal pricing?

The standard renewal pricing on a subscription varies depending on when you renew your subscription. For renewals that are done three months (90 days) prior to the Subscription expiration, a 15% discount off list cost is offered; 60 days prior to expiration a 10% off list cost discount is available; and should you renew the month your service expires, no discount is available. If you miss these renewal periods and your product expires, you may qualify for a returning customers discount on your NetAdvantage with Annual Subscription purchase.

Website login is asking for a validation code - how do I get one?

When creating a new member profile on our Web site, you will be asked for a validation code when you first attempt to log in. This validation code should have been automatically sent to the email address you entered for your member profile when the profile was created. Entering this code will validate your member profile and allow you to the appropriate members-only sections of the Web site. Once you have validated your member profile, you will not need to validate it again.

If you cannot find your validation code, click on the "Forgot Validation Code?" link, which will direct you to another page. Make sure your User Name is correct and click "Request Code". An email will be sent to the email address connected to your profile; this message will contain a new validation code. Once you have this validation code, attempt to log in to the Web site again, enter the code, and click "Validate".

Note: It is possible for either the original message containing the validation code or manual requests to generate a new code to be trapped by spam filters, which may prevent the message from getting to you. You may need to disable such filters temporarily, depending on the nature and available settings of your filter.

What are the benefits of registering my product key on the Infragistics Web site?

The advantages from registering your product key (also sometimes referred to as a CD key) on the Infragistics Web site is mainly to offer you the ability to download the product, automatically receive product upgrades and new release information, as well as access developer support.

Reporting a problem to the developer support staff requires a Member ID and registration of your key will enable developer support to contact you easily and efficiently. Please ensure you specify valid contact information (for example, do not alter your e-mail address in ways intended to misdirect "spam").

Should you lose your product key information, it can be retrieved easily from the My Keys and Downloads page of our Web site.

What are the system requirements for installing NetAdvantage?

For a list of the programming language, framework versions and operating systems on which each NetAdvantage product is supported, please see the Supported Environments page for more information.

What is the difference between purchasing NetAdvantage for .NET versus NetAdvantage for .NET with Priority support?

NetAdvantage for .NET includes our Standard support via web support form, but also includes all product upgrades as well as minor updates for the period of one year.

NetAdvantage for .NET with Priority Support is an all-inclusive package including product, subscription service, and priority support via phone, chat, or web support form. Priority Support guarantees rapid response to online web support in one business day.

When I try to download my NetAdvantage product, the site asks for a Member ID and Password. What do I do at this point?

You must register your product key to your member ID on the Infragistics Web site before downloading the software. If you do not have an ID, you may create one at the time of registration by selecting the "sign up" area. An email address must be provided to create an ID. Once this process is completed, the new version of the product will be emailed to the given address ID within 24 hours. Any future upgrades or renewal information will be sent to the address given. Should you need to access your product keys in the future, access your My Keys and Downloads page or contact the Registration Department directly.


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