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JIRA 5.0 has been launched latest version

This release is targeted at the better user & administrator experience with

  1. User time zone mapping , making things easy for distributed teams.
  2. Visual display of the workflow. At last we can see the process.
  3. Multiple selection of upload files.
  4. JQL Improvements : What is history without WAS. New operators  ON, BEFORE, AFTER, DURING, BY, to drill issues e.g. ‘ was reopened more than twice’    issues created in (during ) June
  5. New look Email alerts & Activity stream

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JIRA combines issue tracking, agile project management, customizable workflow, and a pluggable integration framework to increase the velocity of your software development team.

  • Bug tracking: JIRA simplifies every step of tracking bugs for everyone. Manage all of your projects in one place creating, prioritizing and resolving bugs is a made easy & traceable. And managing bugs along with all other development tasks in the single project keeping your software development on track. This helps you to Stay on top of what's going on & Focus on your work. You can organise bugs into components for grouping into smaller parts, and into versions for scheduling activity for milestones or releases. Browse projects to measure progress and view. With Activity streams & Change Log, detailed changes across bugs, issues, projects or people can be followed.
  • Reporting : Charts and reports show most popular issues, recently opened / closed issues and more Using JIRA Query Language (or JQL) to create filters for reports and charts on your personal dashboard Road Map Planning boards, task boards and burndown charts with GreenHopper for agile development All related changesets, builds and code reviews with FishEye, Bamboo and Crucible, respectively. Generating reports and ad hoc analysis; Generate reports from any the summary page of any project with just a few clicks.Run ad hoc reports using search and view results via RSS, XML or printable HTML, or export them to Confluence, Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • Bring OpenSocial into the enterprise: Thousands of gadgets support the OpenSocial standard already, including gadgets to access and display information from Outlook,, Google and more. Track every project & Look at the big picture at a single glance with Personalized dashboards which you can share with others. Adapt your workflow and issue types as you evolve your processes & business.

Outgrown your existing bug tracker or Spreadsheets?

If you are already using a bug tracking system, but feel you have reached the limit of its capabilities, you are not alone. Many have already made the switch to JIRA using the built-in migration utilities provided to help smooth the transition. JIRA provides data importers from the following systems:

Bugzilla , Mantis, FogBugz

eQuest does migration from other 3rd party Issue tracking systems or intrinsically developed ones as well. eQuest has been the premier partner with Atlassian & conducts services for customization & migration , consultancy for the tools in developing customized solutions to fit each organizational need.

Integrate with other tools via ready Plug-ins or write a fresh one for specific utility.

  1. Workflow :Visualise your workflows with plugins like Workflow Designer and Workflow Visualization
  2. Time tracking: Enhance worklog and time tracking with plugins like Minyaa and Tempo.
  3. Drawings: Mockups (Balsamiq), diagrams (Gliffy), annotated screenshots (ScreenSnipe) and more
  4. CRM: Sync JIRA with applications like Salesforce, SugarCRM and NetSuite.
  5. Project management: Plugins to help manage projects using JIRA or MS project & Dynamics
  6. Agile: The GreenHopper plugin for JIRA provides agile project management to simplify both sprint planning and task tracking for your team.
  7. Requirements Management: Connect JIRA with requirements management tools.
  8. Test Management: Integrate with test case management systems like HP Quality Center, Zephyr, Enterprise Tester.
  9. Service Desk: Enhance your service desk or integrate with your existing helpdesk
  10. IDEs: IDE Connectors for Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio and more.
  11. Version control systems: Connect JIRA to popular systems like SVN, ClearCase, Visual Source Safe and more.
  12. Continuous integration: Integrate build information from ci servers like Bamboo and Hudson.
  13. Reporting: Access additional reporting capabilities directly from JIRA.
  14. Release management: We can set you up with a free subversion server, JIRA, FishEye, Bamboo and Crucible project space so you can better manage your project.
  15. And many more ...

JIRA + Confluence:

Track important milestones with and perform lightweight task management with Confluence tasklists. Third party plugins like TaskDock even let you assign, track, and complete targeted Confluence actions like commenting on page. Create the ultimate project management application by connecting with JIRA. Confluence provides out-of-the-box integration with JIRA so you can:

  • Insert entire lists of JIRA issues into your project page
  • Create shortcut links to JIRA tasks from inside Confluence
  • Build project dashboards by placing JIRA gadgets inside Confluence (or vice versa)
  • Integrate user management between the two applications.


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