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Equest Technologies is now India's First Featured Nagios Partner and also one amongst the Top 5 Nagios consultants in the world as rated by Nagios Enterprises Inc.

Equest Technologies offers transparent and professional consulting services to provide best-in-class solutions -including

  • Implementation,
  • Custom Development,
  • Performance Tunning and Integration with other IT Solutions

provide your organization with a Robust Nagios deployment Custom-made to meet your IT Infrastructure Monitoring needs.

Consulting services can help you find proactive solutions for your monitoring requirement, better and faster implementation in couple of days instead of weeks or months.

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Get The Best Solutions from Nagios on:

Monitoring Router | Powerware Monitor | Tomcat Monitoring Tools | Monitor EMC | HP-UX Monitoring |

Monitoring SSH | Maximizing Revenues | Monitoring Agentless | AIX Performance Monitoring | Fedora Monitoring |

Windows Service Monitoring | JBOSS Monitoring | Monitoring LDAP | Monitor NAS | WMI Monitor | MySQL Monitoring Tools |

Exchange 2010 Monitoring Tools | Power Supply Monitor | Monitoring Operating System |Network Monitoring Tools |

Cloud Computing | Monitor Ubuntu | VMware Monitoring | Monitor VM | Bandwidth Monitor | Monitor AIX |

Monitoring DNS | Exchange 2003 Monitoring Tools | Postgresql Performance Monitoring | SQL Server Performance Monitor


IT Professionals love Nagios because it makes problematic IT monitoring tasks simple which reduces downtime and business losses.

Implementation Services

  • Developing best practices for monitoring various scenarios
  • Design and make advanced monitoring solutions
  • Trace and correct faults on performance issues
  • Integrating Nagios with third party tools
  • Customizing Nagios to fit your monitoring needs

At Equest we have dedicated professionals to ensure total customer satisfaction with the consulting services we provide. Our Nagios experts are specialized in extending Nagios capabilities and customization like:

  1. Specialized in Installation and Configuration of NagiosXI
  2. Specialized in Bulk modification of Various Hosts/Nodes.
  3. Configuring user-specific Alerts and Notifications.
  4. Configuring Multi-tenancy for User-specific monitoring preferences.
  5. Creating Dashboards and Views as per customer needs.
  6. Performance enhancement and resource utilization
  7. Configuring Nagios with 3rd party plugins for advanced monitoring
  8. Plugin development for customized monitoring needs.
  9. Testing & fine tuning of the entire setup
  10. Customized Performance and Capacity Planning Graphs
  11. Writing Custom Wizards For Nagios Xi

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